Doing Business From Home

  1. Are garage sales allowed at residences?
  2. Are home businesses allowed? What are some of the guidelines?
  3. Are temporary concessions legal?
  4. Is it permissible to sell food at a temporary concession? 


1. Are garage sales allowed at residences?

Yes. You are permitted to have up to three garage sales per year at the property where the sale operator resides and the sale may not exceed two consecutive days in length.

2. Are home businesses allowed? What are some of the guidelines?

Maybe. Certain home-based businesses are allowed with a business license. Others are allowed with a license as long as certain conditions are met. Some businesses are strictly prohibited. Generally, all home-based businesses must comply with the following:

  1. Only occupants of the home may be engaged in the home business.
  2. Off-site employees may not report for work at residence
  3. The use of the home as a business shall be clearly incidental and subordinate to its use as a residence.  The area subject to the home occupation may not exceed 20% of the habitable floor space of the primary dwelling.
  4. No mechanical equipment shall be used which creates or makes dust, odor, vibration or other effects detectable at the property line.  Noise level at the property line shall not exceed 65 dBA.
  5. No products shall be sold on the premises except artists' originals.
  6. The products produced shall not be displayed on the property in a manner to be visible outside of the residence.
  7. Materials shall not be stored outdoors.
  8. The home may not be remodeled to change the external appearance into a commercial-appearing structure.
  9. Visitors & customers shall not exceed one person per hour and eight per day. Deliveries shall not exceed one per week.

For additional guidelines on Home occupations, please refer to Section 3.9.3.F of the Sacramento County Zoning Code.

3. Are temporary concessions legal?

Temporary concessions are permitted subject to the approval of the zoning administrator through a temporary concession stand permit while meeting development standards within the following zones:
 - Shopping Center Zone
 - Light Commercial Zone
 - General Commercial Zone
 - Auto Commercial Zone
 - Travel Commercial Zone
 - Commercial Recreation Zone
 - All Industrial Zones
 - Mixed Use Zones

4. Is it permissible to sell food at a temporary concession?

The vending of food products is regulated separately. Without the separate permit, obtained through the County Environmental Management Department and a conditional use permit from the planning commission, food cannot be sold under a temporary concession permit. 


Mobile vending vehicles that are licensed and operated pursuant to the provisions of the Sacramento County Code do not constitute a temporary concession, so long as they move every hour.