1. Can I plant a vegetable garden in my front yard?
    Yes. Live vegetation and vegetable gardens are permitted. Code Enforcement does not regulate gardens.
  2. Due to drought, will the county require people to continue watering their lawns
    County Code Enforcement does not enforce or restrict lawn watering cycles.

  3. What are some alternatives to grass for landscaping?
    You can plant mulch, or do a xeriscape, or drought-resistant garden using rocks, install landscaping and plants and/or ground covers other than grass. It is up to the individual's discretion. Code Enforcement does not regulate materials used for landscaping.

  4. What happens of the lan​dscape of a vacant home in my neighborhood isn't being maintained?
    Owners of vacant homes are required to maintain landscaping on their property. This means ensuring overgrown, diseased, dead, or decaying trees, weeds, or other vegetation are not 1) constituting a fire hazard, 2) creating the potential for the harborage of rats and vermin, 3) substantially detracting from the aesthetic and property values of neighboring properties, 4) overgrown in a public right-of-way by 12 inches, or 5) completely dead and over 12 inches tall covering more than 50% of the front or side yard visible from any street. If a vacant home in your neighborhood has not maintained their landscaping, you can file a complaint with Code Enforcement at Sacramento​ County 311 Connect.