Yard Sales & Concessions

  1. Are Garage Sales Allowed at Residences?
  2. Can Signs Be Displayed to Advertise Garage Sales?
  3. What is a Temporary Concession?
  4. Where are Temporary Concessions Permitted?
  5. Is it permissible to sell food at a temporary concession?


1. Are Garage Sales Allowed at Residences?

Yes. Up to 3 garage sales per year are permitted at the property where the sale operator resides and the sale may not exceed two consecutive days in length.
(See Section 3.9.3.M. of the Zoning Code)

Signs can only be placed on your property and cannot exceed a total of 12 square feet.
(See Section 3.9.3.M. of the Zoning Code)

A temporary concession is any individual retail sales operation from a location not involving a permanent building or structure and uses a temporary table, stand, cart, or similar equipment.
(See Section 7.3 of the Zoning Code)

Temporary concessions are permitted within the following zones and are subject to the approval of the zoning administrator through a temporary concession stand permit:

  • Shopping Center Zone
  • Light Commercial Zone
  • General Commercial Zone
  • Auto Commercial Zone
  • Travel Commercial Zone
  • Commercial Recreation Zone
  • All Mixed Use Zones 
  • All Industrial Zones
    (See Section 3.2.5, Table 3.3(E) & 3.10.3.E. of the Zoning Code)

5. Is it permissible to sell food at a temporary concession?

No, the vending of food products is regulated separately and requires a conditional use permit. However, mobile vending vehicles that are licensed and operated pursuant to the provisions of the Sacramento County Code do not constitute a temporary concession.
(See Section 7.3 of the Zoning Code)